Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11. My Sister, My Bride

My Sister, My Bride

How beautiful you are, my darling one.
There is no flaw in you—there’s none to see.
Please come with me, my bride, from Lebanon.
From Hermon’s lofty heights, oh come with me.
You stole my heart, my sister and my bride.
With just one glance you’ve taken it away.
Now come with me; through life I’ll be your guide.
Let us make haste to leave without delay.
Your love is so delightful, and it’s mine.
The fragrance of your perfume stirs my heart.
More pleasing is your love than vintage wine.
I never want to be from you apart.
Your lips drop sweetness as the honeycomb.
Oh come, my bride, my darling, to my home.

(Ch. 4:7-11)

The Beloved Study (Bride Study), Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1865

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