Wednesday, November 30, 2016

12. Eden


You are a private paradise, my bride,
a spring enclosed, a fountain sealed to all,
an orchard rich with many fruits supplied
that spread their fragrant scents which me enthrall.
Your plants are pomegranates and cinnamon,
with saffron, calamus, and incense trees.
Your fountain flows downstream from Lebanon
and waters all the garden’s flush increase.”
Awake, north wind, and on my garden waft.
Oh come, south wind, exhale your gentle mist.
May every fragrant smell then from it draft.
I wait with patience for your loving kiss.
Oh let my lover come to paradise
to taste its choicest fruits and all its spice.

(Ch. 4:12-16)

Girl with Pomegranates, Eugene de Blaas, 1912

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