Wednesday, November 30, 2016

16. Ravished


Where has your lover gone, where did he turn?
Please tell us, fairest one, and we, with you,
will look for him for whom your heart does yearn.
He loves you so and will not be untrue.”
My lover to his garden has come down
to browse among the lilies of delight.
I am his precious love, and he is mine.
He will declare his love and hold me tight:
You are so beautiful, my darling one.
As lovely as Jerusalem are you.
Please turn your eyes from me for I’m undone.
I’m ravished by their glance, they pierce me through.
You are the one I’ll love for all my days,
the one for whom my heart is all ablaze.

(Ch. 6:1-5a)

The Bride, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1865

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