Wednesday, November 30, 2016

18. The Walnut Grove

The Walnut Grove

One day I went to walk among the trees,
amidst the bushes, through the walnut grove,
to contemplate the vines and greenery,
the pomegranates that bloomed in red and mauve.
Before I knew it he burst on the scene
in his roy’l chariot pulled by regal horse.
I joined him in his carriage, like a queen,
beguiled and ravished by his manly force.
The daughters of Jerusalem saw me
and shouted out, “Come back, O Shulammite,
that we may gaze upon, admiringly,
your radiant charm that fills us with delight.”
Why would you gaze upon my perfect one
as if she were a girl who danced for men?”

(Ch. 6:11-13)

Walnut Trees at Sunset in early October, Alfred Sisley, 1882
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