Wednesday, November 30, 2016

23. My Brothers

My Brothers

When I was young my brothers hemmed me in:
Our sister’s small, her breasts have not yet grown.
We will defend her from the charms of men
and keep her pure for that one man alone.
If she’s a wall, great towers we will build
to guard our sister for it is our task.
If she’s a door the op’ning we’ll have filled.
To do our duty is what we are asked.”
My brothers, dear, I am no more a child.
I am full grown, my breasts are firm and tall.
I am closed in, a virgin pure and mild.
I am the one for him; I him enthrall.
The one for whom I’m meant now looks at me
and wants to dwell with me, contentedly.

The Bride, Jose Ferraz de Almeida Jr., 1886

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