Wednesday, November 30, 2016

4. Forest Glen

Forest Glen

The bed we share is in a forest glen.
As I gaze up I see the mighty trees—
the cedar and the fir of field and fen.
I trust him so, entirely at ease.
I am a rose of Sharon, chaste and pure,
a lily of the valley, wholly white.
With his strong arms around me, I’m secure.
To sit beside my friend is my delight.
I faint with love when he caresses me.
His banner o’er my head proclaims his love.
He cares for me and treasures perfectly
my heart and soul, to him a gentle dove.
Feed me with raisins, O my dearest one,
and with fresh apples ripened in the sun.

(Ch. 1:17-2-6)

Dedicated to Sarah and Reuben, Sept. 29, 2018
Coniferous Forest, Sunny Day, Ivan Shishkin, 1895

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